Gain knowledge in human thermography, a new area of expertise within health and performance professionals.


In building a healthy lifestyle, the ThermoHuman technology gives a unique insight in injuries and other risk areas in the body. Through this knowledge, decisions can be made about trainingsschemes or the possibility of training with the assistance of a professional. That way, goals can be reached while avoiding possible injuries.


The ThermoHuman technology supports the making of diagnoses. It gives an image of the injury and the status of surrounding areas. The treatment that follows is optimized with the combination of ThermoHuman information, and other techniques already in use. Identifying the injury and treatment is easier with this technology. It also decreases the chances of the return of past injuries.


The thermographic camera measures the skin temperature. The area in which an injury is present, can be seen as warmer on the thermographic photo. That way, all areas in which injuries are prevalent are shown. Physiotherapists and rehabilitation doctors can support their treatment programmes with this information. So they can help their patients even better.

The ThermoHuman software is unique.

This technology analyses the thermographic information of more than a hundred bodyparts. These are transformed into an avatar as seen here on the right.

The different colors indicate the injured area and the gravity of the injury. With the use of thermographic photos, the practitioner and the patient are able to view the recovery process during treatment. Does a patient actually recover or not? With this information, it can be decided forehanded if therapy is working or if there is a need for an alternative.