Gain knowledge in human thermography, a new area of expertise within health and performance professionals.

ThermoHuman software

The four steps of the unique software


The dashboard is the cloud platform in which all thermographic photos and avatars of the patients can be checked and saved.


The thermographic photos are uploaded on the dashboard. For every photo, additional information can be added to complete the patient's profile.


It is immediately possible to analyse the photos with the ThermoHuman technology. Within the software there is a divide between the qualitative and quantative display. In the first, information such as the degree of muscle strain, fatigue, and stress can be added. The latter contains possibilities to adjust the colorpalet and the different temperatures in the body, as well as to mark the segmentation of different riskareas.


A personal report is made for all patients during the recovery period in which the course of treatment can be checked. This information is easily exported to a PDF report or an Excel file.

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